Cherry Pimps - Whitney Wright


  • 上傳 8 個月 前 在分類: US&EU

    Whitney Wright and her lover Damien just wanted to enjoy the panoramic view of the Valley...

    well Damien maybe was enjoying the view while Whitney was enjoying sucking his cock...

    as least until Officer Gamble rolls up on them and BUSTED them in the act.

    Talk about blue balls.

    Whitney gets arrested and Damien is let go...

    What the fuck is this bullshit?!? Whitney will do anything to get out of that patrol car and into the officers pants though.

    She knows how to suck a mean cock and wastes no time going balls deep deepthroating it all.

    Thank god she got out of that back seat.

    Getting this dick fucking her hard is so much better than just sucking a cock on a hill.

    Getting busted giving oral in public is not so bad afterall.




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